Saturday, June 26, 2010

did somebody say dresses

So apparently there are... like... millions of wedding dresses out there. After visiting 3 stores in 2 weekends, and trying on probably 50+ dresses, and really (like REALLY) liking about 5 of them, I'm a little bit overwhelmed. My option-itis is in full force. I've been accused of indecisiveness, but I really just want to get it right and have everything feel perfect and fit into the big picture and the vibe that we're envisioning for our wedding day... I don't just want to find a dress that looks good on me. It's so hard! Just venting. :)


  1. Just like the right will know when you find it. :)

  2. the one you choose will be the right one. really, it will. Can't wait to see it ;)

  3. Whew... I'm not the only bride with option-itis. ;) The good news is you've got plenty of time to "chew on it". And if you're still not inspired by any of the dresses you've seen so far, just be patient and keep looking!!! The perfect dress for you is out there somewhere... xoxoxo!


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