Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cute photo alert! (engagements)

Jane Zarzynski is doing our wedding photography and our engagement shots as well. We decided that since it's still so hot outside, we would do some engagement shots in her studio now (since we just can't wait!!) and then later in the year do some outside when it's not so hot. Her studio is really cool with lots of fun colors and walls and furniture to work with. We had so much fun, just being ourselves and changing outfits and hanging out.

And can I just say this... Jane is AMAZING. I cannot believe what she was able to do with the lighting and capturing our personalities in just the click of her camera.

Here is just a little preview.
Jane's website is and she also shares stuff on her blog at Capital A-mazing.

Some stories to come... lots going on... four weekends on the road visiting family and we completed our first step in marriage preparation. But for now, this nightowl is almost out of energy.


  1. so so cute. really you two, you are capital A-dorable!

  2. Hottest couple of the year!! You are both soooo photogenic and look gorgeous in these pics. Can't wait to see the rest!!! Love, jenn


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