Friday, January 21, 2011

the festivities have begun...

Long time no blog! I wish this thing had a mobile application so that I could blog from my iPhone as things are happening... but alas, I sit down at my computer to update the world on our wedding and marriage preparation activities now that we are eight weeks out!

This month we started NFP practice, which means I am now actively "charting"... some of you know what that means. What an amazing thing to be so aware of what your body is doing all the time. I have yet to figure out the best way to take my temperature without fully awakening my body and throwing off my basal temperature, but I am slowly getting used to stabbing the underside of my tongue with a metal probe first thing when I wake up.

Last Saturday I had my hair and makeup trial at Zolton's Salon in Scottsdale. I'm taking this opportunity to put out a shameless plug for my hair stylist Kerry M., and Jamie from Arizona Makeup Professionals ( For something as huge as my hair and makeup, they did a wonderful job not only on creating my "look" but also at pacifying any anxiety I may have had going into it. (I had been having nightmares about a hair and makeup crisis on the wedding day, some of them very vivid and very hilarious). Now I am so excited and have no more fear about what will go on the morning of the wedding.

Dan and I had a nice double date with my parents this past Tuesday night for our "tasting" at the Scottsdale resort. What a fun time! They wined and dined us like we were royalty and we got to taste all the menu selections we are considering for the wedding. The best part was at the end, the head chef Frank who is going to be overseeing our dinner came out to meet us and he was just delightful! My only disappointment was that there was no cake tasting at the end, but I misunderstood the planning and later learned that we get to go back in a month for a completely separate cake tasting! Yippee! I will probably eat all the cakes and Dan will probably make lots of jokes about being the cake boss.

They made littlematchbooks as a garnish for our table, which say Cole & Griffin. Such a nice touch!

Yesterday was my first fitting in my wedding dress. It was far from painless... while the bodice fit me perfectly, the craftmanship of the actual skirt part was subpar (I think it was made on a Monday!) and it was crooked and too short! It was a little frustrating but they are going to completely rebuild the skirt, and we have plenty of time before the wedding, so all is well. It was amazing to see the dress that was made for me and put it on for the first time.

My mom and our dear friend Cindy have been cooking all week for a bridal shower luncheon that my dear aunties and cousins are hosting tomorrow for me. I am so excited! I feel so honored and blessed that these amazing women are putting in so much work and thought cooking and preparing and planning.

People keep asking me if everything is all set for the wedding... and I just laugh and tell them that we've still got a two page (size ten font) To-Do list that we are slowly tending to. But it's all happening! 57 days to go!!

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