Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

This fine Tuesday marks the beginning of our wedding month!!!  I can't believe it's finally March... the countdown, the one that used to be ten months, then was seven months, then was sixty days... is in the TEENS!

The Bach- Parties

This past weekend was our bach/bach-ette parties. Oh what a time we had!

 The guys went to Las Vegas (buffets, go-carts, and dancing), and us girls got together in Gilbert (sushi, scavenger hunt, and general silliness) and crashed at Dan and Justin's house!

Beyond all the silly fun and peer bonding with our best buds, when Dan got home from Vegas Sunday night and we caught up about our weekends, both of us reported feeling an overwhelming symbolism to the events of the night before. I never before realized what a rite of passage the bachelor/bachelorette party can be. And with the timing for us being three weeks until the wedding, it seems to have kicked off the official "go time" of wedding preparations!

Wedding Planning Continues...

Dan was over last night with me and my parents after volleyball practice and we started the task that I've been told by every single person in the wedding industry is the toughest of all of the tasks... piecing together the table assignments for our seating chart. We've got a pretty good start but nothing set in stone yet.

In other "projects"... my mom dug up the goblets that she and my dad used at their wedding 35 years ago!! Each of them has engraved on it John or Cristy and their wedding date. Dan and I are going to drink out of these at our wedding too and my mom is going to add our names and wedding date to the engraved part, how cool is that! The "project" part? Polishing off the tarnish (see below before/after picture)... thanks Mom for putting in so much elbow grease!

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