Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dan and I went down to the superior courthouse today where we applied for and obtained our marriage license. First we had to sign a statement swearing four things: 1. Our addresses; 2. Our ages; 3. That Dan and I are not related; 4. That we are aware of educational literature that Maricopa County provides about STDs. (...?) Then we wrote a check for ninety-eight bucks. Now we're allowed to get married. The paper has a gold seal on it with Abe Lincoln's profile. Dan was excited about the Abe depiction. This spawned a very brief conversation about the real motives behind the civil war as we walked back to our cars. The weather was beautiful.

Tonight we celebrated having newly obtained our marriage license with a luxurious dinner at the finest eating establishment known to man (Outback Steakhouse).

More in wedding planning, we registered for sheets.

Thirty nine days to go!

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