Monday, February 14, 2011

for my valentine

These are things I love about Dan.
I’m no poet but I love my man.
How to share it was making me fret,
So I decided to use my alphabet…

The way that he truly believes in Affirmation. I know this will be a wind that carries us
some times when our wings get tired. He really loves to build others up. • How well he
knows his Bible stories. • The way that all Clothes look good on him. I love his style. I
also love how he helps me with my style. • I fall in love with him one hundred fold every
time he Dances. With me or alone, fast or slow, the way he moves exudes freedom and
confidence and expression that makes me want to be a part of it. • He has so much
Energy for life and activity. • He loves Food. He has a passion for food, eating it,
preparing it, and hopefully some day we will grow food together in a Garden of our
own. • The way that he gives Hugs, not only to me, but to everyone. He really has the
most tender embrace I’ve ever experienced, and he has plenty to go around. • All things
are Interesting to him. He’s fascinated with the way things work and why things are. •
He loves Julie. • I thought I could say kisses, but to not be unoriginal, I choose Dan’s
Knowledge for the letter K. He is so full of information and constantly impresses me.
One of the things I remember most about our first date is how stimulating the
conversation was. • He has the greatest Laugh. From the little smirk chuckle to the belly-
out mouth-open infectious explosion of “ha’s” that everybody knows so well. • Man oh
man you’re my best friend. I have this lyric stuck in my head often throughout the days.
He loves music (another M of course). • He’s genuinely Nice all the time. • He is an
eternal Optimist. His cup is always half full and he perpetuates this perspective. • He
Paints, and every one of his paintings are an expression of him at the point in his life
that he painted it. I love to secretly watch him paint in his garage, with earbuds in his
ears, turning a piece of wood into a depiction of life, wearing his dirty jeans and a slightly
sweaty t-shirt. • His Quirks. All of them, I love. • He gives Really really really really
really amazing foot rubs. • His Scent. After he shaves, with two or zero sprays of
cologne, after he plays golf or goes for a bike ride, I love the way that he smells. • Dan is
incredible to Talk to. He is gentle and smart and reflective and caring and really knows
how to listen and to contribute to meaningful dialogue. • He is Understanding of
others with a rare type of compassion. • He is my Voice of reason in times of
irrationality. • Dan’s Worldview is different from mine and he challenges me to explore
new things, new ideas. • He knows a lot of scrabble words, even odd ones that use the
letter X. • He will always be Young at heart and is amazing with kids. • His Zeal for life.

I love you Dan.

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