Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this and that: Valentines and More Wedding Planning

Dan and I had a lovely first valentines day together. I have historically been pretty disenchanted with the whole valentines day thing, and I still insist that flowers not be purchased at inflated February prices on my behalf. But this year wasn't so blase'. It almost felt as though we were an old couple sharing an anniversary... lots of love in the room, but nothing to prove. We had a ordinary car ride (he picked me up from work) followed by an ordinary volleyball practice and then we shared some ordinary chinese take-out and then some ordinary hang-out time at his house. But all these ordinary things felt extraordinarily romantic because we were feeling special about it being our first valentines day. I guess it's all in your mindset.

Tonight I just had a nice little quiet evening with my mom where we went over the wedding stuff to-do list and invitee list over delicious tuna melts (which I prepared all by myself, thank you very much those of you out there who think I don't know how to cook anything).

I was mortified tonight when I went to check our registry and found that several larger items we had registered for, which were on sale when we registered for them, are now back to full price. Three hundred dollars for a pillow?? how did I miss that... I guess Macy's was having a giant sale the weekend we registered, bummer I really liked that suitcase at the clearance price... Anyhow, I was able to find comparable items for cheaper on Amazon. Gotta love internet registries.

My parents both have been dreadfully sick this past week, I've never seen my dad miserable like that. But today my dad was back and work and my mom doesn't sound as much like a frog, so I'm feeling like everything is right in the world of Cole house. On this fine Tuesday, we are 32 days out from the wedding, and I am feeling surprisingly... serene. Still lots to do but it will all get done. No word on the house yet but I was already (somewhat) mentally prepared for that. Still crossing our fingers for a contract this week so we can get the keys before the wedding!

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