Wednesday, March 2, 2011

houses and hiccups

Our wedding to-do list is a little overwhelming and this coming weekend is the last free weekend to get stuff done so I am going to pack a lot into these two days. I'm trying to stay organized in my brain but some of it is turning to mush and I'm having to rely on written checklists and my mother and wedding planner to remind me things. I'm pretty excited to pack for the honeymoon.

Tomorrow morning first thing is the inspection at the new house, which is super exciting. We usually drive by the house once every couple weeks or so just to see it, and last night Dan and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and we walked through the park next door to the house, and down the street that the house is on, but I haven't been inside the house itself since early December when we made the offer. Tomorrow it will be great to be in there with the mindset that it's actually going to be our house (hooray!) instead of just this random house that we wanted to buy. I'll be bringing my measuring tape and my camera! There's a slight chance we will be closing escrow two days before the wedding... which is insane... but kind of awesome. Someone once told me that I have a chaos addiction.

I typically get the hiccups about once a day, but today I had the hiccups five times. The really debilitating violent kind where you don't even want to breathe because if a hiccup catches you mid-exhale, it's twice as loud. One time today I hiccuped mid-cough and I actually got dizzy and lost my balance for a second. That pretty much sums up my day in a metaphor. (I don't really even know what that means but it sounded profound.)
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