Thursday, March 3, 2011


Justin was shocked not only to learn that Dan was going to "the inspection" with me this morning, but even more so when Dan asked him if he'd like to come along to see. He didn't realize Dan was talking about the house, and thought for some reason that the "inspection" had something to do with our NFP preparation classes, like a two-week girlie preflight check something. Funny story.

We did have an inspection this morning, of the house that is. It went well, and it was so fun to measure all the rooms and make lists of all the things we want to do to the house if it becomes our own. And we did have NFP class tonight, but there was no "inspection" involved. Just the last bits of data and follow up information.

Daniel and I went to Marshalls tonight before NFP class and inspected about 20 difference pieces of luggage. We are thinking about investing in some before we pack for our honeymoon this weekend, but decided to hold off and sleep on it. You would not believe the smoking deals Marshalls has on luggage! And everything else! Now I know why Daniel goes there about three times a week.

We both vowed to get a good night's sleep tonight in preparation for a productive and wedding-centric weekend starting tomorrow after work. Team Dan and Julie is in crunch time! So I'd better get to bed :)
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