Thursday, April 14, 2011

wifery and a man with tools

Tonight Dan installed knob/pulls on our bathroom cabinets. How I love watching him at work, so cute in his paint-covered jeans and five o'clock shadow. After he completed the task, I watched with intrigue as my husband became mesmerized with determination to synergize two devices, #1 the mini electric screwdriver my father gave him for Christmas, and #2 the hard core Dewalt (sp?) power drill my cousins gave us as a wedding gift (Dan proclaimed "I am now a man" when we opened it). Sitting on our bathroom counter, device #1 in his left hand, device #2 in his right, Dan carefully enclosed the nose of the smaller drill into the mouth of the larger drill, then spent several minutes intently working to figure out how he could get it such that he could pull both triggers simultaneously without having to move the drills (so that they would be spinning in unison). Did he realize I was watching him? I think he's still doing this at this very moment actually.

I have to say, all that stuff about the life of newlyweds being so giddy and blissful and fun... it's all true. I have loved every minute of it. Shacking up, moving furniture, painting, waking up together in the mornings, having our clothes in the same closet, riding our tandem bike around the neighborhood. I still haven't gotten used to saying "my husband..." which is kind of cool because every time I am about to refer to Dan and then suddenly I remember that he is indeed my husband now, the excitement ignites all over again.

I'd prefer to refrain from any existential debates here, but I've decided to keep the blog title as is because no matter my marital status, I will always be in the state of "becoming" Julie Griffin. I look forward to doing the work to grow and grow into the role of Dan's wife. It feels so right.

Speaking of work, I'm due to go check on a load of laundry in our basement :)
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