Monday, September 19, 2011

184 days = six months of marriage

A List: The Things We've Learned in the Last Six Months
By Daniel and Julie.

Daniel's List:
  • A back rub goes a long way.
  • Julie does not like driving.
  • I never knew what Q.A. stood for until I lived with Julie (Quality Assurance).
  • If someone wants to do your laundry for you, it's best to let them do it however they want.
  • I’ve discovered that Julie owns some of the world's oldest and tackiest nightshirts.
  • My wife likes my hair better when I use a little hair spray.
  • I’ve learned that I need to leave the house half an hour before her plane is scheduled to land.
  • All the married guys were right about gaining 20 lbs during the first year of marriage; I'm halfway there at six months.
  • When Julie is happy, she hums.
  • I now know why they give you a year to write thank you notes after your wedding.
  • Julie forgets very few things that I tell her... and she often remembers more things than I remember telling her.
  • When I make a mistake, it doesn't just affect me anymore.
  • If you go to the mall with your wife, plan on being there two hours longer than you think you would if you had gone by yourself.
  • Julie is not as tough as she wants me to think she is.  Yet she is often tougher than I imagine.
  • Not everything is about me.
  • Piles of things will become permanent unless I say something.
  • Talk less, do more.
Julie's List  
  • The basic operations of an X Box controller.  
  • That no, he's not having a seizure, he's just almost asleep. (he's a real sleep twitcher)
  • If you want to talk to Dan about something important, it's best to catch him before 10pm.
  • Limes can be squeezed into pretty much anything and it will taste good.
  • How to drive a Prius.
  • How to play chess.
  • My husband would prefer if I didn't wear deodorant.
  • I've learned to accept that there will be some things that I do not understand: i.e. Fantasy Football. Dunk Ball. Call of Duty.  Cigar smoking.  Coconut Pineapple Juice.
  • Most of the time, Dan actually does know what he's talking about when I'm skeptical.
  • I’ve been exposed to so many bands I had never heard of and really like... and a few that I dislike...
  • Dan is capable of doing half the things I used to think you had to pay for.
  • Not all desserts have to have chocolate in them.
  • Dan is very particular about the textures of fabrics, especially on clothing and furniture.
  • (I'm still learning) how to pick up on sarcasm.
  • Daniel does not like to walk away from a project unfinished -- it's best if we don't start something unless we'll have time to finish it.
  • Skateboarding is difficult.
  • More often than not, things are not as big of a deal as I initially think they are.
  • That it can be done; we can do more than I think we can.
Our Together List:
  • How to paint a house: one room at a time.
  • How to fit two people's closets of clothes and shoes into one closet.
  • The right thermostat temperature to meet both of our needs.
  • How to push through a five-day juice fast.
  • That we really don't need cable (we have Netflix!).
  • We are most effective as a team when we divide and conquer.
  • It's worth it to wait for a sale or until you find the perfect bargain!
  • There is rarely much benefit in mentioning your exes. 
  • That all the cliches were right: never go to bed mad.  cut each other some slack, forgive easily.  laugh at yourself and your spouse.  it's a marathon, not a sprint.  honesty is the best policy.
  • That sometimes it's ok to order take out and watch five episodes of Mad Men in one night.
  • Hugs hugs and more hugs.

Happy Six Monthiversary to Us! :)

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