Friday, May 25, 2012

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This Monday, with my doctor's note in one hand and boarding pass in the other, I got on an airplane to Las Vegas, Nevada where I would spend four days supporting an annual conference that I've traveled to for the last five or six years.

Last night, with swollen feet and a great sense of accomplishment, I returned to Arizona.  From a business perspective, this was a very productive and fruitful trip, and thanks to my coworkers' kindness and team work, I was able to stay off my feet as much as possible and felt very supported in my current physical state.  I do love the hustle and bustle of participating in a good conference -- it's fun, a professional "thrill" if you will.

But pregnant in Vegas was vastly different than not-pregnant in Vegas.  Aside from the obvious things -- no cocktails or sushi buffets, etc. -- the experience was very different in other ways too and made me appreciate HOME so very much.   From a personal perspective... I was more ready to come home than ever before.

These are the things I was most excited to come home to...

My husband.  Words could not express how deeply I missed my husband this week.  I've done a lot of business travel in my career for seven years and counting, including a handful of trips after I met Daniel.  But this is the first time the baby bump and I (and my hormones) have packed a bag and left town for a few days without him.  And it was tough.  There were so many times I could physically FEEL that he wasn't in the room with me, a sensation I can't describe and hadn't felt before in that same way.  I needed him. Some might label me not as strong, not as independent, not as self-sustaining as I used to be -- like that's a bad thing; but I truly think that pregnancy and everything that comes with it has strengthened the bond between this wife and her husband and made me realize more than ever how much I can't do everything alone anymore, and wouldn't want to if I could.  I almost burst into tears when I finally saw him yesterday.

Our bed.  Now that getting comfortable is becoming increasingly ummm challenging, while very stylishly decorated the lumpy springy hotel bed just didn't cut it compared to our bed at home.  I used to love sleeping in hotels on account of being able to set the thermostat to any given temperature without paying the electric bill, and sleeping on a fresh bed with clean sheets every night without having to do any laundry or make the bed in the morning.  I guess things change, I was happy to make my own bed this morning after a great night's sleep.  (I did however take full advantage of the thermostat flexibility at the hotel; had it set at 67 degrees!)

Quiet.  Vegas is full of excitement and activity -- and noise.  It's never bothered me before on my various trips there, but this week my brain was overwhelmed by the constant noise.  There literally was no place I could go to have complete silence, even my hotel room.  Last night as Dan and I were driving home, we didn't even listen to music in the car.  I was so relieved to have the serenity of the complete quiet while holding my husband's hand.

Our refrigerator.  No, not the food in it (I had plenty of good food available to me 24/7 in Vegas). Our fridge is currently COVERED in graduation announcements, baby announcements, engagement/wedding save the dates, invitations, sonogram photos, nephew pictures... it's a shrine of all the good things that are happening right now in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and a daily reminder of what a great community of people we are a part of.  This reminds me, I need to get some more magnets.

The doggies.  Every morning in Vegas I woke up sadly disappointed that I didn't have to step around two furry creatures at the foot of my bed on my way to the bathroom.  I couldn't wait to pet them and hug them and smell them and see their doggy smiles.  They were very happy to see me last night, and this morning my little canine companions haven't left my side.

Last but not least... The nursery.  Daniel sent me a teaser-text at about 1:30am a few nights ago.  It was a photo.  My amazing husband had worked all evening and into the night finishing painting the nursery and assembling the baby furniture so I'd have a surprise to come home to.  He even put up the burlap banner that cousin Mika made.  I couldn't wait to see it.  And it looks amazing.  I can really visualize our munchkin living in there, with the perfectly mint green walls and dark wood furniture, the brown carpet and soon-to-be-gray rocking chair and cradle.  Now I can't wait to populate it!  Hooray!

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