Friday, September 28, 2012

two months = shots

This morning, Daniel and I took Penny for her two month appointment with our pediatrician for the standard full system check and first round of vaccines.

On the front end, we weren't too sure we were even going to vaccinate our children at all, just the thought of sticking our baby with needles gave both of us the eebie geebies, but after extensive research and talking to tons of people about it, we decided to go with almost all of the standard vaccinations as recommended by the American Something Something of Pediatrics.

I made sure to dress Penny in a shirt that didn't need to be pulled on and off over her head.  She was wide-eyed and happy after her 9 hour sleep last night, big breakfast and family shower this morning.  We arrived a few minutes late, but no worries... friendly office staff, classic kid movie playing in the waiting room, typical 'well-child' appointment stuff.

Weight: 9 pounds, 4 ounces
Length: almost 23 inches
Exactly two months old today!

Head and shoulders, knees and toes... all looked good.  Reflexes -- good.  Eye goop -- nothing to worry about.  Reminder of the importance of reading to her and talking to her all the time.  This and that about other stuff.

"Any other questions?"


"OK. Nurse will be right in for Penelope's vaccinations."


Daniel was super strong.  I was dreading it.  OK not just dreading it, I was already crying before the nurse came in...... which is why it was better that I leave the room.

Best Advice Ever

A good friend had given me the advice to breast-feed Penny immediately after her shots, which makes perfect sense if you think about it.  So, I went into a pre-determined room where they said I could stay as long as I needed to, and set up shop while Daddy Dan stayed with PJ for the worst moment of her life so far.

There I was, staring at a poster of a fish, boob out, sobbing.  I could hear Penny scream in the other room -- a cry like I've never heard before.  "I hate shots too sweetheart, but everything's going to be ok," I whispered at the fish.

Not ten seconds later, Daniel brought her in.  Her face was beet red in terror and crocodile tears poured down her cheek.  I was afraid she would be inconsolable, but she latched right away, nursed, and soon calmed down and fell asleep.  Seriously, best advice ever.

The rest of the day has been touch and go.  I can tell that she is sore and a little achy.  We made quite a spectacle of ourselves in a restaurant just after lunchtime when she awoke from a peaceful nap in a furry of screaming that very closely resembled her initial reaction to the shots.  That's another story.

Over the Hurdle

I consider this a rite of passage in my motherhood, although I'm not quite sure I actually 'passed' because my husband had to do the hard part.  But a milestone nonetheless.
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