Friday, December 21, 2012

No Letter This Year, How About A Poem?

Instead of mailing a Christmas Card Letter,
We thought saving paper might actually be better.
And with intentions of spreading some world wide web cheer
We've pointed friends and family to the blog this year!

Now I’ll begin, as most holiday letters do
With a brief synopsis of everything new:

The start of the year, a quite popular post
Announced I was pregnant, quite reason for a toast.

Just as we wanted, quickly our family grew,
And soon thereafter, two dogs joined our crew.

Dan loves the new job that he started in spring,
And we continued to coach volleyball, a favorite thing.

I went part-time at work to make more time for rest,
And also began nesting, as you may have guessed.

Painting projects ensued, in and outside.
Daniel tackled the nursery, surprising his bride.

My appetite grew along with my belly,
Any cravings? You ask… mostly peanut butter and jelly.

After our home filled with gear and onesies and toys,
This summer we welcomed our bundle of joy.

A tiny girl named Penelope Jane, you probably heard.
The delight that she brings us, I can’t put to words.

Day by day since then we’ve been figuring it out.
Being brand new parents is a challenge, no doubt.

The support we’ve had from so many we love
Is just one of many blessings we count from Above.

Now life goes on with the munchkin in tow
And it’s true what they say, how fast babies grow!

I write when I can to share thoughts and our story:
Life and Marriage and Parenting in all of its glory.

The Griffin Family, yes even Luna and Apollo,
Has pointed you here with hopes you will "follow"

To read of our tales and keep in touch, 
as hearing from all of you always means so much.

And on this, our second Christmas of marriage we spend,
Love, Joy, Peace and Prayers we send.

Blessings this Christmas,
Dan and Julie Griffin

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