Tuesday, December 4, 2012

to tree or not to tree

That is the question.
Dan lit the house.

Schedules are tight.  Work and volleyball are set in stone; chores and house tasks take a back seat to family time.  Everything takes a back seat to time with baby, as I refuse to let babyhood fly by because I was obsessed with staying on top of the laundry.  Oh and then there's making time for connecting with my husband (ask us how that's going another day please).  And our extended families, which we see often.

Evenings and weekends are all too short.
No stockings yet for 
the baby or the dogs?!?  
What slackers!
Baby's naps are farther apart than they used to be.
Time is precious.  I am 'whelmed.
And some nights, I'd rather write.

Our December and Christmas plans include abundant opportunities for outings, meals, parties, exchanges... none of which will be hosted at our home.  We are so blessed with friends and family who even sometimes proclaim with joy that we need not bring anything but the baby.  What a relief that can be.  I wonder how long that will last...

The lights are up outside.  The stockings are hung on the fire place.  I've got crafts and gifts to prepare, carols to practice on the new piano, goodies to bake.

Every day in December that we don't put up the Christmas tree is one less day we would be able to enjoy it before we have the chore of taking it down.

"Chore"... there's a word that's not in the holiday spirit vernacular.

We won't even be home on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  My parents have a beautiful, huge, finished Christmas tree at their house, and that's where we'll be last thing Christmas Eve and first thing Christmas Morning.

All that said... Yes, I dare suggest, our baby's first Christmas might not include a Christmas tree in her own house.  Does this make me a bad mom?  Do I need to just do it?

Can I get away with skipping the tree this year?


  1. I went through the same thing last year. I even bought a tree and it sat undercoated in our living room for two weeks. Finally I told Rhett and Tiarah - you WILL help me decorate this thing! :) I felt better once it was decorated, but it would have made for a much less stressful season had I not decorated.

    Just like anything else in parenthood, marriage and life - as long as it doesn't bother you, who cares what anyone else thinks! :) We women spend too much time trying to live up to other people's expectations of "normal" or "necessary". :)

  2. We decided not to tree...If we would have gotten one when I would have liked (Thanksgiving weekend) then we would have happily enjoyed it for the month. Now, it's two weeks until Christmas and we won't even be here for 10 tens through Christmas.

    There's always next year!

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