Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Home Stretch Stretch

Skin stretch, that is.  Yes, this week I discovered my very first stretch marks on my lower abdomen.  My mother didn't get stretch marks, and apparently my maternal grandmother (who had six children) didn't get a single stretch mark either.  Considering my good genes, my healthy and steady weight gain, and the fact that I didn't get any stretch marks in the first 34 weeks, I thought I might be home free.  

But no such luck.

There they appeared as if overnight this past Tuesday morning, the reddish pinkish purplish kind, one set right next to my appendectomy scar from 1992 and the other above my piano tattoo -- perfectly symmetrical about three inches below my belly button.

I had a good cry.  Dan talked me through it with much love and reassurance, and some other women offered their empathy via Facebook comments.   Then I went to the store and got me some Bio Oil, which I've heard works wonders to minimize them, and if nothing else it smells really nice and is a good moisturizer.   We'll see how it goes...

My stretching skin means a growing uterus which means a growing baby... which means we are getting closer by the day.   All good things.  Five weeks to go as of today and we are so excited!  I'd say at 35 weeks, this officially is the home stretch!
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