Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Stay

My very first Five Minute Friday!  Click the icon for more information about this amazing exercise in writing and invitation to community!  Here goes...

 Five Minute Friday


Hours and hours I spent in my dorm rooms playing, practicing, trying until my fingers almost bled.  Learning guitar, running from everything else.  My poor roommates -- hours and hours I played.  Boys failed me, so I turned to music -- one of the only things I knew I could count on, a constant in my life.

The guitar riff.  Everyone recognizes it.  Lyrics.  "You say I only hear what I want to..."  This song I learned perfectly, and sang it just like her, you know, the girl with the glasses from the end of that movie.  I only performed it a couple of times, mostly because I was too shy to sing in public, mostly because I wasn't that good.

Once a boy told me I sounded amazing, singing that song.  That ego boost, acceptance, lasted a little while.  It would take years for me not to need a boy for self esteem.  Years and phases.

Now my fingers can hardly manage guitar chords, but they change diapers quite well.  Now I sing lullabies.  Now no more boys, just one man.  So much has changed, grown, since "Stay," but a song like that always brings a memory.

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