Monday, December 10, 2012

A Memory Story: Are We Pregnant?

A year ago today.

Saturday night, Dan and I had just gone on a lovely double date with my folks going to go see a musical, White Christmas, at Grady Gammage Auditorium in Tempe.

When you’re having trouble going to sleep, count your blessings, not your sheep.” It was delightful.

We got home and had nothing more important to do than enjoy each other and relax on the big gray couch.  When things started to get a little fresh, as they often used to do on the big grey couch before we got Luna and Apollo, it occurred to me that I wasn’t quite sure what day it was in my cycle.

“Babe… I think I’m having a really long cycle this month. I think it’s been phase three for longer than usual.” [Natural Family Planning lingo]

“Hmmm that’s weird.”

“Wait, could I be pregnant?”

Nah. We didn’t go for it this month.”

I went to our bedroom and looked at our NFP chart and realized that it was indeed odd that I hadn’t gotten my period yet, that night was the end of day 31.

Then I saw it. A little checkmark in the sex box on day 10 of my cycle. A little tiny hand-written checkmark could not have looked more mischievous.

We had totally forgotten that a couple weeks prior, we had decided to take a “chance” one beautiful November morning. It was a slim chance, and we had said “whatever happens happens”, then we quickly forgot about it as we headed to California to stay with Dan’s parents for five days at Thanksgiving.

See, the month prior, Dan and I had tried to get pregnant. Needless to say, we didn’t [get pregnant]. The evening that I had started my last period, we [well, I] got a little tipsy on some fancy sparkling wine we had been saving for a special occasion, and decided that instead of letting our brains [my brain] go wild with panic about fertility, we were going to count our blessings, chill out and relax about it.

Day 10 had been us relaxing about it.

“Dude. I could totally be pregnant.”

We decided to wait to see if my period came in the morning and said that if it didn’t, I would take a test.

You know how the rest of the story goes.  The next day, our whole world got a million times better.
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