Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seeing Santa

Next December I envision us having a 16-month-old who is totally into the hands-on activities that come with Christmas -- dressing up, singing songs, decorating the house, reading the Nativity story, baking yum yums, opening presents, going up north to see snow.  As for now, we are acknowledging the fact that our daughter really doesn't know what's going on yet, and taking advantage that this is the last December of our whole lives we can take it easy.

This year Penny's only active role in the Christmas festivities is to look cute in pictures.   So, the one Christmas tradition we didn't want to slack on was taking her to see Santa.

We went to Bass Pro Shops' Santa's Wonderland.  Wow... what a set up.  They have all kinds of activities for the kids, and instead of making families stand in line for hours and hours, they give out passes so you can shop or play games until it's your time slot to see Santa.   While standing in line might not have been a big deal for PJ, the Wonderland set up was a real hit for our niece and nephews of varying ages, who are much more active than a four-month-old!   They also let you take your own pictures, and give you one free 4x6'' print-out of their "professional" photo.

Penny did great, and we will definitely go back to Bass Pro Shops in future years to participate.

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