Monday, January 14, 2013

Extending My Morning Alone Time... Every Little Bit Counts

Penny's morning naps have been pretty weak lately, like only 20 to 40 minutes. This is not enough time for me to get very much done.  Mondays I particularly need some alone time because it is my "get stuff done around the house" day and my "work some from home" day.

Today after she fell asleep at 10:50am, I had a genius idea to put a toy (one that is safe for unsupervised play, of course) in her otherwise empty crib, next to her.

the bait.
I wanted to test if she would play with it when she woke up... And she did!

This bought me ten more minutes of scramble time. TEN whole minutes. Watching her wake up on the video monitor at 11:15am, roll to the side to grab the toy, then play contently my by herself for ten minutes before uttering a peep for me to come get her was...awesome. I got to brush my teeth with two hands AND blow dry my hair.  Winning!

Mommy 1, Monday 0.
Later today we had a very productive trip to the grocery store.  She was awake in the Moby Wrap the whole time, mesmerized by everything to see in the aisles and flirting with other shoppers.  This is the first shopping trip where she didn't sleep at all.  She's really alert to the world these days!

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  1. I should try the toy thing since Hannah wiggles out of her swaddle anyway :)


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