Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Again

Five Minute Friday

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Here goes...


Her tiny right hand held tightly to his, and her left to mine.  He and I would look at each other to verify the timing...

"One... two....... THREEEEEEE!!! Wooohoooohooooo!!"

Swung she went, barely a foot off the ground, but miles high to her.  Blond pigtails feathered in the air with the rush.  Sugar high turned a parking lot into a reckless playground.

As she came down her feet would thump clumsily, like an parasailor landing on the beach.

"Again?!?!" she belted.  So wild and uncontrollable, the word was a shriek, barely discernible. 

We walked and swung her, "one, two, threeee" each time, "Again?!?" each time.  It was the only word she could get out as she caught her breath.

Our arms got tired. So very tired.  "One more time" became eight, nine, ten.  We knew this was a bad habit, but mom wasn't there.

The funnest way for dad and me to get little sister from one end of the mall to the other.  

That little sister, in college now, soon will do this with her little niece.  How many times will she grant her one more "Again"?


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  1. Hello! Visiting from Five Minute Friday. You capture that moment so well. I can see the little girls pigtails flying in the air and hear her squealing, "Again" :)

  2. Oh, we've been there. You made it seem familiar all over again.


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