Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

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 Five Minute Friday


Knock knock.

Who's there?


Opportunity who?

Job Opportunity.
Investment Opportunity.
Opportunity to travel, meet new people, see amazing things.
Opportunity to take risks.  Or not.

Life is full of them, preceding every decision is an opportunity.  I'm thankful for most of the ones I've taken.  I almost passed up the chance to go out with my husband for the first time, what if I had said no?  My career planted when I accepted a small job opportunity the summer I graduated from high school.  

I regret some opportunities I passed up.  Man, I wish I would have studied abroad during college, or gone farther away at least.  And I could have gone sky diving a couple years ago, before husband, before baby.

Tonight -- no party, no cake, no singing.  No crazy adventure.  Just my husband and I taking the opportunity to have a nice dinner together.   Ringing in '29' seizing some alone time and conversation.  These days I'm finding more often than not that the greatest opportunity I have is to pass up others so that I can spend time with my family.  Turning down the great opportunities of old often means I get to seize the greatest moments of all.  Funny how that works!


  1. "Seize the greatest moments of all." It is incredibly true, and sometimes I forget, even after 37 years of marriage and a passel of kiddos. My photo for today, a Monopoly Cars game with my son. Exactly this - taking the opportunity to spend moments with him, building love.

  2. I really like that phrase "preceding every decision is an opportunity."
    Can that mean I can gain more control of my life by making deliberate decisions and, of course, accepting the responsibility for the quality of life I decide to have?

  3. Does this mean it's somebody's birthday? Great thoughts! #FMF

  4. I have to agree with your perspective about turning down some opportunities lately so I can "seize the greatest moments of all." So true...time with God, time with family or with a friend. Happy New Year :)


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