Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Incredible Doodle Dogs

We welcomed Luna and Apollo to our home almost a year ago when I was pregnant with Penelope. Some people said we were crazy, incorporating two puppies and a baby into our first year and a half of marriage. I believe that getting dogs before having kids is a great exercise for marriage. It's like mini parenting -- you've got mouths to feed, messes, discipline, budgeting, getting up early on weekends, destruction, the lot.

Anyway, since then, these beasts have brought us joy and angst, laughter and rage, but any given day, they are part of the family.   When we got home for the evening, Luna waggles her back and tail so uncontrollably that she sometimes knocks things over; and Apollo tours the house to bring us all the toys he can fit in his mouth before he settles in to be greeted.  They are the BEST.

I was thinking they deserve some ink on the blog this month.

I don't want to jinx it by giving it too much attention, but for the first time documented on Becoming Julie Griffin, I present to you the phenomenon known as Synchronized Dogs: Sometimes I snap photos when I discover these two goons mirroring each other.  It's pretty incredible I think.

Here's to you, Luna and Apollo.  I love you two crazy canines.

If you follow me, you know there's more Synchronized Dog action on Instagram, hash tag #synchdogs.  I look forward to the day that another instagrammer tags #synchdogs with a photo worthy of the title!

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