Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby's Best Friend, Apollo

Very recently, Apollo (our golden boy) has taken quite an interest in Penelope, and she in him.  Penny likes to watch and giggle at Luna too (the grey one) but Luna is more interested in the adults (a.k.a. the humans with the food) than the baby.  Apollo... he eats it up.  He loves the baby attention, and has perfected the art of being careful around her.  They are developing a little friendship that warms my heart to watch as it grows.

This morning, I set Penny up on a quilt with some toys to watch some Elmo videos while I made myself a sandwich and got back to my Monday computer work.  The dogs know they aren't allowed on any blanket on the floor if the baby is on it, however Apollo -- quite the opportunist about being scratched or cuddled -- gently wiggled his way into getting her happy kicking feet to scratch him.  I couldn't scold him, he was being so gentle.   I was able to snap these pictures with my phone:

Penny, would you rub my back?
Penny, now would you scratch my neck?

Penny, would you scratch my ears?  Oooh yeah right there...

Excuse me Penny, you don't mind if I just
lay a little bit closer, do you?

Penny, can I cuddle you?

And my favorite, I sat her up so she could see better, and he gingerly wiggled his way around her like this:
Penny, will you be my best friend?


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