Thursday, February 7, 2013


I fear we have ventured so far into habit formation that it is going to take some serious work (and will power) to get Penny sleeping through the night, by herself, in a crib.   All ye who never let their babies sleep in bed with them to begin with, no snarking. I wouldn't have traded one minute of it...well, for the first five months I wouldn't have.

But now Dan and I are more than ready to have our bed back

We are thinking about trying the Ferber Method.  Got our hands on a copy of this book... but if you can't tell by the photo, it's over 400 PAGES!!!  (A 400 page book for new parents who aren't sleeping??)

Supposedly it's organized in such a way that it can be easily navigated according to the age of the child who isn't sleeping well... gosh I hope so.   I certainly won't have the time to read it cover to cover!

We won't start it until it's something we are ready to commit to, but at least we have a plan... sort of.

Wish us luck!

Cue crying baby.....

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  1. Good luck :) I was blessed with a crib sleeper and she recently weaned herself out of her swaddler. Perhaps my challenge will come when she gets her own bedroom.


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