Friday, February 1, 2013

Penny Jane: Six Months Old

Six months old.  Just over 14 pounds.  Just started wearing size 2 diapers. Just transitioned to 9-month size footie pajamas since the legs were too short on the 6-month ones.  Tasted her first apple, sweet potato, butternut squash, green beans, banana and blueberry at Breast-Feeding group, but I haven't made anything at home yet.  By "taste," I mean barely put each of those things in her mouth then spit them out.  We aren't aggressively pushing the solid foods thing.  Experienced her first snow the same weekend that I experienced the first New Year's Eve I've ever slept through.  She sits up on her own and loves it.  What a life-changing milestone, a whole new view of the world!  She can also hold toys with some finesse, even picking them off the ground.  The newest trick is taking her pacifier out of her mouth with an early-stage pincer grasp, then chewing on the side of it.  Her vocabulary has progressed from "oooo" and "aghoooo" to full on babbles such as "bubwubwubwub" and "oh-wow-wow-whoa" and "peektapeeeph" to name a few.  I swear she said "hello" to her grandpa one time.   Her grandmothers think she is going to be an early talker.   She is delighted by her daddy, everything he says or does to her.  She has become fascinated by the dogs' every movement and Apollo (our golden boy) has taken interest in being near her whenever possible.  First cough, first fever, first Tylenol.  Her being sick for a week proved to be a real set-back in our tactics to get her sleeping through the night -- or was it my lack of will-power...  Her tiny hands grasp on with intense strength, her nails can draw blood if I neglect to cut them a day too long.  She grunts and grumbles when she is tired or gnawing on a teething toy.  Everyone at my volleyball tournaments marvels at how cute and sweet-natured she is as she loves being passed from person to person, indulging each with her baby charm.  Consider this a warning, she pulls hair with conviction.  Her own hair, the fuzzhawk, is growing longer by the day, and unfortunately it's looking like she's going to have my forehead.  She got busy this month.  She got heavy this month.  She still loves to be worn in my wrap or carrier, thank goodness.  Her eyes stay blue.  Her cheeks stay fat.


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