Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Memory Story: Once in a While Night

Today, on our 2nd wedding anniversary, I want to share a Memory Story of one of my favorite nights with my husband since we met.  It was just a few weeks ago.

A Once in a While Night

The dishes were done, the dogs were fed.  Penny had had her bath and was wearing my favorite pajamas, the cream ones with the little embroidered giraffes.

We were at home.

Earlier, we had eaten dinner as a family -- tuna fish sandwiches and green beans (a "Dave Ramsey" night), and sweet potato for Penny.  I hadn't had volleyball or band practice, we hadn't gone to anyone else's house. Our iPhones were parked in another room somewhere.  Both of us had finished our work that afternoon and had no obligations to our employers until the next morning.

All was still in the house and the lights were low.  The dogs lounged across the floor in complete surrender to the day they had had wrestling each other in the yard.  

On the big gray couch, my husband cradled our daughter in one arm, and a book in another.  You Are Special, by Max Lucado.  I sat next to them with my head on his shoulder.  

Other than the soft voice reading a story of Punchinello the Wemmick, the only sounds came from the silicone of Penny's pacifier, rhythmically clicking in her little mouth.  Her daddy told the story so well.  

The pages were dimly lit by one warm lamp above the couch.  She stared with glossy fascination.  She was tired, but not exhausted.  She was perfect.  He was perfect.

It was my favorite moment so far, maybe ever.

I took a deep breath, not a photo. 

When the story was over, Dan took Penny downstairs to her crib and laid her down.  She rolled to her side and went to sleep.

I don't remember what else we did that night, except that we did it together, in the quiet of our home.

To Everyone and Everything Else in the World on rare nights like this: please do not disturb our little family.  For just one night, once in a while World, we ignore your headlines, your software updates, your text messages, your instant pictures, your invitations, your stack of mail, your worries, your fears, your brilliant ideas, your weekend to-do list, your politics, your exercise and diet trends, your blog topics, and your thousands of other parents who know better than us.  

World, every once in a while, we heed the call to tune you out, just for a little while.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet post! It's so hard for me to take a deep breath and not a picture, even though I know sometimes it ruins the moment. It's just that I'll be living the moment and think, "I never, ever want to forget this," and I'll have to snap a pic. But I love the way you put it.


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