Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring in Arizona

OK so technically it's not Spring yet, but it did hit ninety degrees today so I'm calling it.

It's the part of the year where Arizona continues to be especially awesome... pre-compensation for the inevitable awfulness of summer.  For many people, Spring in Arizona means Spring Training baseball games, hiking and enjoying blooming flowers all over the desert mountains, trips to the zoo, farmers' markets, eating dinner on the back porch, dips in the swimming pool for the bravest of children...

You will be able to find me relishing the last opportunities to wear boots and every day that goes by that Penny doesn't crawl yet.  The days are numbered on both instances.  

While I don't find myself spending time out in the fresh air as much as I would like, I do plan on soaking it in as much as possible this season with my hubby and my little one.  

My Spring Mama goals are: first trip with Penny to the Phoenix Zoo, first family hike, one night-walk per week, register Penny for swimming lessons, finish the nursery, and play in the grass in our neighborhood while it's soft and green as much as possible.

I think this munchkin is going to like what Spring has in store for her.

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