Sunday, April 21, 2013


We've always said that if we want to be an 'active family' we need to start doing active things with our kid(s) when they are real little.  That we did.  Dan and his cousin Justin took us up the Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains this weekend for what would prove to be be quite the adventure.

Our first overnight backpacking trip!

The group: Dan, our nephew Hunter (10), Justin, Me, and Penny in the Osprey pack.
As you can see, Luna and Apollo packed in their own food and water.

See me smiling big before we started the hike.
When we were three miles up with no end in site... let's just say I wasn't taking any self portraits...

Each of our five nephews will get to come on a "manhood" backpacking trip with Uncle Daniel, 
the summer after they turn ten.  Hunter here was the pioneer, and he was a champion!

Dan's pack weighed about 50 pounds.  
What a guy carrying extra stuff so his wife could carry the baby and not break her back.

Penny was delighted to wake up from a snooze to find everyone setting up camp!

Resting.  We made it.

Making delicious MRE's for dinner.

Sunset from our campsite.

Dan taught Hunter how to use a flint.

Penelope's first campfire.

My sleeping bag buddy woke up early with the birds this morning.

The dogs were so wonderful.  They stayed with us like true companions 
wagging their tails most of the way.  Here's Luna keeping watch while I breastfeed.

Penny loved playing in the tent.  So many zippers, so little time!

The group, in all our glory, at "the saddle" at the top on our way home today.
We had hiked three miles up to the top and then almost a mile down the other side to camp.
My body was, in a word, done.  But the intensely strenuous exercise was followed by peaceful beauty and solitude.  A weekend I will never forget.

Years ago when I was single and would go hiking and see parents with their kids and dogs trekking up a trail, I always hoped that someday that would be me with my family.  I am so thankful that I married a man who not only has the gear, but also the patience and strength to take his amateur wife and their baby and pups on a weekend like this.  And thank you so much to Uncle Justin... we could not have done it (and I wouldn't be nearly as sore) without you!


  1. Sweet. These are precious days with our babies, who grow up too fast, our friends and our families. Blessings Julie, PJ and Daddy Daniel.

  2. Thanks Julie 4 this terrific report/pics on your trip; Justin told me about it briefly, but U filled in precious details! B4 we take on any more age, Frank & I want 2 do a trip w/ him. But our bones...don't know about a night on the ground...we gotta do it though, w/o Chloe/Zipper!! U R a trouper Julie & the perfect wife 4 my dear nephew; God knew. Sweet blue eyed PJ in the zipper tent! Was the trail steep or difficult? when I ask Justin he has a different perspective! Love U sweet niece, Christ Keep U, Aunt Shrol

    1. Aunt Cheryl, the trail was difficult considering the heavy packs. Although it is one of my favorite trails of all time and I have done it 5-6 times before, never done it this out of shape and carrying 30 pounds on my back!

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  4. Very nice journey! But one thing kept in mind when ever you on journey clearly look after over child because in the forest there are many wild animal.

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