Monday, April 29, 2013

Penny Jane: Nine Months Old

Nine months. Weighing in at 16 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 28 inches tall, our little monkey brings us lip-smacking, raspberry-blowing, hand-clapping fun.

She changed a lot this month as she went from "sort of crawling around" to GETTING INTO EVERYTHING.  Her Orangutan Crawl (she swung her butt and one leg around while only using the other leg) has become more of a Frog Crawl as she carefully steps with her feet and avoids her knees touching the ground.  She pulls herself up on furniture and can transfer from standing at one object to standing at another near by, but she's nowhere near standing up by herself or walking yet... or so I tell myself.  From a standing position she very gingerly bends her legs and lowers herself to sit back down -- we think this is super cute.  I attribute her strong core muscles to all the time she spent playing and scooting around on our memory-foam bed.

Penny and I both are captivated by the charming Fred Rogers as we watch archived episodes of his Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, brought to us by Amazon Prime Video.   I truly love viewing this gem from my childhood now through adult eyes.  Penny lights up when the theme song comes on or when the trolley music starts.  Did you know the first episodes were in black & white??

She loves to eat.  She's still getting all her nutrition from breastmilk, but we've given her all kinds of things to try.  So far the only thing she has rejected was a plain green bean.  She even seems to love an experiment I made with peas, pears and blueberries -- which I thought was completely disgusting. She especially loves guacamole from Chipotle and mashed up spaghetti with marinara.  We also started her on a few dairy items and she loves cottage cheese, pieces of Baby Bell cheese, and greek yogurt.  We tried the sippy cup for water a month or so ago, it took several weeks of patient attempts for her to figure it out, but now she drinks water without assistance.

Her pincer grasp developed this month and quickly graduated from clumsily grabbing piles of cheerios and spilling most of them on the floor, to elegantly picking them up one at a time with thumb-and-finger as she walks around the coffee table.  She is extremely proud of herself for this feat and we spend about 30 minutes a day on this activity.  The dogs wait patiently for the casualties.

Little busy bee hates sitting still or stopping what she's doing to have her diaper changed or to get dressed.  She has gotten quite vocal and squirmy about this, and we've had to get really creative [and FAST] with those mid-play diaper changes.

She laughs hysterically when I dance or march around the house, or if Dan makes faces.  New nicknames for our little one include "Odagootie" and "Oodaboodie" and "The Wriggly Giggly Thing" [from a favorite bedtime book I Kissed the Baby].  "Monkey" still rolls off my tongue often, especially as she chows on bananas.

It is getting more and more challenging to keep baby toys and dog toys separate in the eyes of their possessors.  The dogs do much better at leaving baby toys alone than they used to, but Penny is extra-interested in putting dog toys in her mouth.  She's going to have one heck of an immune system.

She got the highest fever she's ever had, 102 degrees, for almost two days and with no other symptoms.  To this day it the fever is unexplained, but I can only assume she has a few teeth descending. 

We celebrated a major holiday (Easter) at OUR house for the very first time, opening our doors to both sides of the family.  Our headcount was 42 including kids.  Translation -- PJ was so excited to visit with everyone that she didn't nap.  At all.  No nap.  The next afternoon she slept for 4 hours.

Dan took Penny for her very first swimming pool experience.  She loved all 8 minutes of it, probably because she was completely naked.

We also went backpacking in the mountains for Penny's first camping trip, which you can read about here if you missed it last week.

Our little friend 8-month-old baby Ainsley stayed with us for two days while her mommy and daddy had a nice weekend away.  Penny's first sleepover party!  Dan and I got a glimpse of what it would be like to have twins.  We expected the weekend to deter us from discussing potentially thinking about maybe talking about potentially maybe having another baby... but it went surprisingly smoothly...

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