Friday, May 31, 2013

Julie's Ice Cream Awards

If you're looking for low-cal treats or clever weight loss techniques to get into that bikini... you've landed on the wrong blog

I love ice cream. 

With summer coming, [ok it's pretty much here], a scoop or two of cold creamy goodness to chill your tongue and refresh your soul... you can't go wrong. Or can you? 

There's a lot of gross stuff out there posing as ice cream that's just quite frankly not worth space in your freezer.  This ice cream snob shops for only the best tasting varieties.   Here's my take:

From the Freezer Aisle

Best Vanilla Bean:  
Breyers "Natural Vanilla"
a go-to for all seasons

Best French Vanilla: 
also pairs with A&W for Best Root Beer Float

Best Chocolate: 
yeah sorry bout the ridiculous price, catch it on sale

Best Mint Chocolate Chip: 
my childhood favorite

Best Rocky Road: 
 this flavor has great variation between brands 
and Dreyer's is simply the best.

Best Strawberry: 
distinctly "Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla"

Best Coconut Pineapple:  
my hubby's favorite... available only at Water N Ice 
and Restaurant Depot, or in California.

Best Dulce de Leche: 
"Argentine Caramel" ... This stuff is GOOD... 
and I don't even like caramel very much.   
True to her heritage, this is also my mama's favorite flavor.

Best Cookies'n Cream: 
the original.

Best Cookie Dough: 
and make sure there's dough in every bite!

Best Butter Pecan: 
ask someone who likes pecans. yiughhhk. talk about ruining dessert.

Best Coffee:
it's been so long since I've had coffee ice cream because 
I don't consume caffeine beyond the small amounts in my chocolate...
 man I miss coffee ice cream.
if I remember correctly, Haagen Dazs' coffee ice cream is pretty amazing.

Best Sorbet: 
I like their "Roman Raspberry"

Best Bite-Size Ice Cream Snacks:
pretty much can't go wrong at Trader Joe's, 
but I love their Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls.
fun to say, and delicious.

Out and About

Best Milkshake: 
and for those of you who don't live in luxurious Gilbert, AZ
Red Robin and Fuddruckers make 'em real good too.

Best Hot Fudge Sundae [in Arizona, maybe in the whole world]: 
forget ribs and baked potatoes... 
they make their own fresh hot fudge. every day. 
yes, please.

Best Cone: 
two scoops on a cake cone: World Class Chocolate on the top 
and Mint Chip on the bottom  
The perfect treat while you're out and about running errands one hot summer day.

Best Fro-Yo:
My husband, being from California, has a thing for Pinkberry... 
but I don't like it. I like my Mojo.

Best Drive Through Option:
Dairy Queen M&M's Blizzard or Chick-fil-A Cookies and Cream Milkshake
always know what's near you for those unpredictable ice cream emergencies.  
And don't even say the word McDonalds.

Best Restaurant Dessert Incorporating Ice Cream:
and for those of you outside the Grand Canyon State, 
BJ's Chocolate Chunk Pizookie will check the box.

OK iScreamers... go forth and scoopify.  But choose wisely!  Ice cream should be savored, worth every bite.  Be selective about your indulgences.  Don't settle for ice cream you don't love!

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  1. Best Coffee...
    Starbuck's Frapaccino Chip, AMAZING!

    Best Milkshake in Central Phoenix
    The Stand on 36th and Indian School.

    What about best pralines and cream? (Or do you have an issue with pralines too? Haha!)
    My vote...Baskin Robbins!

    1. Oh that Starbucks flavor sounds so good! You are correct, I don't like pralines either. I tolerate the almonds in Rocky Road because there's chocolate involved but other than that, no nuts in my dessert! My husband likes the Pralines and Cream from Baskin Robbins too! Next time I dine in Phoenix I am going to check out The Stand. Thanks Emily!

  2. I want ice cream. right. now. My vote is also Thrifty's (or here in AZ, Water and Ice), the Chocolate Malted Crunch. OH MY. Soft serve is never a good idea, never.

    1. I remember liking the Cherry flavor at Thrifty's at the Rite Aid right by school when I lived in CA in college. The best thing about Thrifty's is the scoop shape, although it's not my favorite ice cream. They don't even have a website, which I found surprising, I wanted to look up the ingredients.

  3. So many comments... where to begin?! :-)
    Blue Bell is where it's at! After living in Texas for four years, I was a quick convert. We toured their factory once, and it was amazing! If you're ever in Texas, you should go! It was also neat to learn about their seasonal and regional flavors!
    Talenti is other worldly. And the Argentine Caramel? Heavenly!!!
    Butter Pecan is the favorite of my husband and father-in-law, and they both agree that Blue Bell is the best by far.
    Now I'm hungry! :-)

    1. Do they have the same ice cream flavors in Australia? What about the same big name brands as here in the U.S.? I would LOVE to tour the Blue Bell factory. Last year they had a seasonal flavor called 'Summer Berries' and it is still to this day my favorite ice cream of all time. I was so disappointed to learn that it was only seasonal and that I might never taste it again. If I would have known I would have purchased 20 gallons and put them in a deep freeze! Heartbreaking.


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