Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Things

Two of them.

First, I've signed up for Vine.  As a former media production student with a special love (but no special talent) for video editing, this app is ridiculously fun for me.  I make posts mostly for my own entertainment, but I expect Penelope's grandmothers and aunties will delight in their content and frequency as well.  Find me if you like!

Second, Top Baby Blogs reset their stats a few days ago. Fresh start. Square one. Zippo. I would love your support with that two-click vote. I won't beg often, but pleeeease will you help me get started moving my way up from page six or seven to page five or four?  You can vote once EVERY DAY if you really really want to... only if you actually like my blog...

My humblest thanks for reading.

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