Saturday, June 22, 2013


I've stumbled upon quite a few bloggers who share "Currently" posts from time to time, and I'm getting on the bandwagon! I'll be doing my own renditions. Here's a first...

Dishing strawberries and peaches, the fruits of summer! Normally I would include blueberries in this mixture but I am testing a hypothesis that Penny may have a slight blueberry allergy so we are cutting them out for a couple weeks.

Wishing my daughter would stop grinding her teeth. I read that it's common and not problematic for babies to do this when they get new teeth but the sound is like... grinding teeth. It's unbearable. 

Squishing my awkward c-section lump into a pair of Lululemon pants that are oh so cute and oh so comfy -- except in the lower abdomen.

Kissing the top of Luna's head. Yes I give my dogs kisses, usually in threes and followed by a good pat-down.

Missing two full pairs of shoes and one solitary flip flop, several reusable baby food containers, like five pacifiers, one Prius car key [which was very unfortunate yesterday when I locked the other one in said car] and most of all my sister-in-law, who, ironically, we don't see that often even though they live across the park from us, but now that she's across the world for two weeks I have this desire to be near her.  You can follow her journey to Africa on her blog here.

Gearing up for the construction of a few giant growth chart rulers.  We had quite a few folks get excited about the one we made for Penny, and a couple of them asked us to make them one too, so that's one of our projects this weekend.   Dan is currently in the garage sanding them and doing the initial stain, and tonight after Penny goes to bed, we will watch three movies while we meticulously decorate them.

Procrastinating going through my closet and dresser.  I desperately need to purge and refresh my wardrobe... so many things I don't wear anymore or don't fit me.  And I need less clutter in my life.  But this particular chore always seems to end up on the back burner, I think this says a lot about me, actually.

Thankful for the virtue Patience.  Much of this has been gracefully afforded to me by my family in more-than-usual ways this week.  Oh, and air conditioning.  It's awfully hot out there.

Laughing about my friend Steffi's post on playdates.  I love this lady and I read her post as though she was telling it to me over lunch.  I haven't ventured into the realm of group playdates much beyond the structured breastfeeding group I go to on Fridays (which is not like a "date" at all, as she describes them) but I'm sure I have some at-least-it-made-for-a-good-story experiences in my future in terms of Penny's friends' parents.  Side note, one of these rulers we are making is for her family -- little Brock and baby boy #2 on the way.

Inspiration for 'Currently' posts comes from Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet and Megan on tumblr. Hooray for the blogging community!

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  1. Julie, you should sell those growth chart rulers! Emily Ley sells ones handmade by her father and is making a killing. (I actually like yours better!)


    1. Jordan, we are seriously thinking about it. We don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping them all over the country but we might start local and see if anyone's actually interested. Want one? :)


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