Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Lathering

I don't know why but sunscreen is one of the things that make me the most nervous about having a little baby in Arizona.  I guess I must have repressed memories about getting sunscreen in my eyes as a little kid.  I just don't like sunscreen and I don't like the thought of putting it on my baby!  BUT.... I must.

So... I want to make sure I am putting the right stuff on her precious little skin, but the optionitis is a little overwhelming.  Thanks to my mama's group, I learned about this organization that rates sunscreens based on the ingredients' safety for our skin.  It's call the EWG and they publish a sunscreen guide every year.

(if you don't want to purchase the guide, you can just peruse the "Best Sunscreens" link at the top of the page)

From seasoned friends with babies and little kids, the two favorites I keep hearing about are California Baby and Badger.  So that's what I'll be looking for on my grocery trip to Sprouts this afternoon.

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