Saturday, July 27, 2013

All I Really Need

I got Penny ready for bed tonight. Usually Dan does the bedtime routine, but tonight I got to.  After all the hard stuff was done, in the dark quiet of her room, I sang to her a Raffi tune that's been in my head since I heard it Thursday afternoon when I picked her up from my mom's house (my mom still has all the old Raffi cassette tapes. Yes, I said cassette tapes. And a cassette player to play them with.)

All I really need
Is a song in my heart,
Food in my belly
And love in my family. 

How true it is. 

I have been so wrapped up in party planning this week that I haven't stopped long enough to get emotional.  But tonight, I sure did.

As I laid her in her crib, already asleep from my peaceful swaying, I realized I had just held Penelope Jane for the last time before she is a big one-year-old. 

I cried in gratitude, then carried on with the preparations. 

Happy almost-birthday, little one. 


  1. Beautiful post! Enjoy celebrating!

    Also, I'm pretty sure my mom still has her Raffi cassettes saved away, too :-)

  2. I need a tissue. Sad. Exciting! Congrats on year one Griffin Family!


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