Thursday, August 1, 2013


Drinking milk. So much milk. We got a crate of school-lunch size milks straight from Shamrock Farms to serve with the donuts and cake at Penny's birthday party. And neglected to put all of them out at the party. I hate (read: hate) wasting food. I am my father's daughter. So, after we offloaded some to my in-laws with the six kids, I am bound and determined to drink all the rest of the cartons myself before they expire.  It's ok, I love milk. 

Thinking about a stranger mom and kid I saw last night at Makutu's Island play place (we were celebrating my sweet nephew's birthday). This lady was trying to get a good cell phone photo of her kid sitting on a slide, and after every attempt, the kid would run off to go play some more and the mom would call her back to the slide to pose again.  Come back here, I didn't get a good one / it didn't turn out / you were making a weird face / we gotta do it again. This song and dance went on for about five or six attempts, increasingly painful to watch each time.  It really made me think. 

Inking thank you notes, from my one-year-old.  The old-fashioned hand-written kind.  My plan is always to get thank notes out within about a week of the related gifting.  Penelope was showered with love and gifts on her birthday and I am trying to convey our true gratitude in every single one. Writing in the first person as a one-year-old will make any grownup a little loopy. I look forward to teaching her how to write thank you's all by herself when she's older. 

Linking up to some of my carefully-chosen favorite local businesses and service proviers on a new page for the blog. Coming soon. 

Gearing up for baby play group. Getting together with some other mamas whose babies have graduated from the breast-feeding group I went to regularly at the hospital until Penny turned one. Parallel play? Yes, please. Mama chat? Yes, please. 

Procrastinating Garage sale planning.

Thankful for my job. I like my job. I have a job. As of late I known dozens of people, really good people, lose theirs.  I am no different than them.  I am not immune to the business climate of today.  I am thankful to be employed. 

Laughing about my sister planning out her sorority room decorations with her roommates.  Not in a make-fun-of-her kind of way... in an ah-to-be-in-college-again kind of way.  Man I'm going to miss her when she leaves again.  sad face.

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  1. it's funny how fast that garage sale pile can grow & grow.. but actually getting it all out & set up takes FOREVER :) Good luck! Visiting from the "currently" link up!

  2. You write the most beautiful, thoughtful thank you notes. :) And I can't wait to see your new business feature page on your blog! Can I be included? xoxo


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