Thursday, August 29, 2013

Five Things I Couldn't Live Without: The 10-13 Months Old Edition

1. Bathtime Alphabet
The Product: Babies R Us 56-piece Foam Bath Set
Where we got it: Babies R Us
What it is:  A package of light colorful letters/number/animals that stick to the walls of your bath or shower.
Why I love it:  Penny LOVES these letters and numbers and fishies.  She would play in the bath/shower for HOURS by herself with them if I let her.  Easy to wash and store.  And educational.  Great for different phases of babyhood. Winning!

2. Curious George Season 1 on Amazon Prime
Why I love it:  He's such an endearing little monkey and the clever stories in each episode don't make me want to ralph like some other kid shows do.  Penny loves George and all his friends, and stays engaged watching this show more so than other things, I think because of the upbeat jazzy musical score and incorporation of lots of different animals.  The episodes are short so you can turn on one for just enough time to make breakfast etc.

3. On-the-Go Healthy Snacks
The Product: Plum Organics Pouches
Where we get them:  Local grocery store. Some Targets have them in value packs. Also available from Amazon Subscribe and Save.
What they are:  Pureed organic fruits and vegetables in a conveniently portable pouch.
Why I love them: Plum Organics is my favorite variety of these pouches (there are lots of other brands) for three reasons: 1. I like the food combinations they have in the mix (and Penny seems to like them also).  2. I read the labels of oh-so-many pouches and this brand had the most impressively simple ingredient lists.  3. OK, I admit it, I like the packaging and the branding.  Note* I don't recommend the "Just Fruit" or "Just Veggies" -- get the combo's, they are much better!

4.  Eat Seat
The Product: Phil and Ted's Lobster
Where we got it:  Buy Buy Baby registry
What it is:  high-chair substitute that clips onto your table
Why I love it:  Penny goes in it every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner and is happy as a clam.  It's inconspicuous, doesn't require storage (like a high chair), and super easy to clean (machine washable and the tray is dishwasher safe). And it's portable, we take it up to the cabin, easy as pie.  Not compatible with all tables.

5. Ball Pit
The Products: Balls and an Inflatable Single-Occupant Swimming Pool
Where we got it:  Amazon
What it does: provides endless fun for young kids of various ages.
Why I love it:  see above.  Plus opportunities to teach about colors and hand-eye coordination.  Pool is not for rough-housing or children over the age of about four.  This was also a big hit at Penny's birthday party last month.

Honorable mention:

Baby Crocs.  The first (and some days the only) shoes that Penny will wear.  They are easy to clean and easy to put on -- and they stay on!  They must be comfortable.  And their ridiculousness is so cute.  [She's in size 3-4 right now, and growing.]

Twilight Turtle. we have been using this ever since she started sleeping in her room but I've never mentioned it.   It's fantastic. We got it as a gift [didn't register for it] and at first I wasn't quite sure why I would ever need it... then Penny started sleeping in her own room and we use it every night.

Bibs. I have one on me at all times.  My favorites are some hand-me-down ones from my sister-in-law, which I can't find anywhere online to show you, but they are made of towel material and they go over the head like a t-shirt.  My husband has been known to carry one in his pocket...

There's more where this came from... Five Things I Couldn't Live Without:

Nobody paid me or gave me anything for free... I wrote about this stuff on my own volition because I couldn't live without it!

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