Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Penny Jane: Twelve Months Old

dress: Baby Gap;
headband: handmade by yours truly;
chalkbaord: My Primitive Boutique custom ordered for our wedding;
professional photography: Josh Snyder
Oh what fun, Penny is one!  Couldn't resist...

Stats of 18 pounds 7 ounces and 30 inches long put her in the 14th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height.  She's a tall one.  

Her hair is growing into somewhat of a pixie and she looks like a flapper sometimes when I put headbands on her.  I love the way it comes down in front of her ears sometimes to a point, like a little elf. Is that a weird thing to say?

This month she started doing the baby bounce dance whenever music comes on.  She especially loves the theme song to the Curious George television series that we stream from Amazon Prime video for her.  She's not walking yet, but she can stand up from a squat without holding onto anything.  Other babies we know who are her age or younger are walking already, but I'm not sweating it.  I think first steps are coming soon, but I'm happy the longer she waits to walk!

One time she climbed all the way up onto the couch from the floor and yelled "up!" when she got to the top.  Another time she strategically climbed Luna (our grey dog) to get onto the big couch upstairs. 

It's offial, ear-grabbing is her "tell" for being tired, and she tugs and rubs them like a security blanket as she sleeps.  

Every morning first thing she gets to come into our room, all groggy-eyed and cuddly, to nurse and fall back asleep if she likes.  As soon as she fully wakes up, her number one priority is saying good morning to the dogs.  She pops her head up and looks for them, asks for them, greets them when they come to the side of the bed.  

In her speech, there is a distinction between "Da Da" (Daddy) and "Dhadhaa" (Doggies).   She says a few other words sporadically, but those two she says every single day.  

New favorite pastimes: ripping napkins or papers, unraveling toilet paper, opening and emptying cabinets, removing tissues or baby wipes from their containers. What a mess she can make. 

Her bedtime routine and sleep habits are finally what I would call 'normal'.  She goes to bed without a fuss and she sleeps all the way through the night 90% of the time.  We're still working on the napping thing.

Penny had her first teppanyaki experience this month.  She watched eagerly as the chef chopped and cooked and lit things on fire.  It's so much fun to take her to restaurants and not have to bring any food with us anymore.  She's real grabby at the table, so she has officially graduated from dad's lap to a high chair when the food comes.  Before the meal comes we let her crawl all over the booth and play with spoons and cups.  Other restaurant patrons don't usually seem to mind because she's quiet and she's cute. 

This month she learned responses to "What does the doggie say?" (she sticks her tongue out and pants just like Luna and Apollo do after they come in from playing outside) and "Where's my nose?"  Along those lines, she is pointing a lot to things.  Sometimes she says "that" when she points.  Sometimes she answers affirmatively to questions she is asked -- I assume this is just mimicking because it doesn't really matter the question asked, the answer is always "yeah."

This month she enjoyed her first time at the beach.  Later on, we had a birthday party where all kinds of people who love her came to celebrate with us.  It was a beautiful day for our family indeed.

And, turns out, Penelope likes cake.  

Penny's birthday photography was done by Josh of Josh Snyder Photography. Check him out!
More photos coming soon when I share details about her party!

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