Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Penny's second Halloween, 15-months-old
Getting ready was less-than-enjoyable as Daddy had to work late and sew part of his Huck Finn costume that ripped at a party last Saturday night, and Mommy was slightly disabled by the wired-braids in her hair that spanned so far to the sides that she had to turn her head to walk through doorways.  Probably won't do Pippi Longstocking again...

But once we finally got out of the house, we enjoyed our wonderful weather and our wonderful family and our wonderful neighborhood and all was good.

We tried to Trick 'r Treat but someone was more interested in people-watching and waving than taking candy from strangers.  Mommy was ok with this.

We visited neighbors all over the 'hood and covered a lot of ground.  We put a little QT in with our oldest nephews, taking them with us farther in after it was time for their younger siblings to get home to bed.

We called it a late night... Penny went down around 10pm, but she didn't fuss once.  All in all it was a great night.  Next year she will wear a real costume :)

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