Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joining Pinterest and Taking Photos

I've been anti-Pinterest since I first heard about it, because I knew what a time suck it could be for someone with my [lack of] self control regarding social media and electronics (and I had heard that it makes you feel bad about yourself that you don't do more crafts and look better in your clothing... if so, bluhh. pass.).  So when I decided to take the plunge and get on there to see what the fuss was all about, I set some boundaries for myself. One: don't get the app on my phone, and two: look at it no more than once a day. Anyway, holy fun-ness! I still don't know how to use it that well but how have I been away from this for so long?  Find me if you'd like. I'll make a little "P" button up there on the right soon.

Here are a few photos from my recently launched non-business photography business.  I'll be posting more in this galleries page as I get some more shoots under my belt. What an amazing learning experience this has been. I am loving every minute of it.   Blogger actually has some pretty low-grade compression that mutes some of the vibrance and clarity in the photos we Blogger bloggers post.  It's kind of a buzz kill for me to look at these in full-screen in Photoshop and then see how they look when they upload to the blog, but... you get the idea.  It was a week of toothless-grinned six-year-olds.  What fun!

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  1. The Pinterest app on my phone would keep me company during Ryan's nursing sessions. :)

    1. oh I am so tempted to download the app but I know I better not :)


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