Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grilled Cheese

I didn't want to do it... but today's daily blog post is going to have to be ripped off from my Instagram account, we'll put it in the Julie Learns to Cook category and the Julie's band has a gig tonight and she needs to practice so she can't write much category.

We bought this awesome local bread last night at the Agritopia Farmers Market and the seller said she highly recommends it for grilled cheese sandwiches.  So, I attempted to make grilled cheese sandwiches for Penny and myself for lunch today.  Not as epic of a fail as the time I forgot to make sure the crock pot was on, but a fail indeed.

We ate it and didn't die, but the next time I attempt to make something I've never made before, no matter how simple it may seem, I'm going to get over myself and look it up on the internet first.

I'm sorry if you already follow me on Instagram and feel cheated.  More tomorrow... and I have a children's book giveaway coming up!  Happy Almost-Friday!

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