Monday, December 23, 2013

Cheery Things

[If you are looking for the Matilda Jane giveaway post, it's still live here and you still have time to enter! but I hope you'll read this post too :) Merry Christmas!]

Recent Holiday Happenings from My Neck of the Woods

iPhone photo
-UPDATE: The Griffins are no longer the Scrooge-house on the block.  We hung our stockings and put up a Christmas tree and wrapped lights around the front porch (patting self on back as I type).  This might seem like table stakes (side note, I used to think the expression was "table steaks") but there was a little while there where I had accepted the notion that we might not decorate for Christmas at all this year.  We were too busy, I was too stressed, and it was the one thing that we could do without since we aren't hosting any gatherings this year.  But we did it, and I'm so glad.  Better late than never.   I felt so much better about the world as soon as I hung that jingle bell wreath on our front door.
   I was quite concerned about the potential adventures a toddler might attempt with access to a Christmas tree, but surprisingly Penny couldn't care less about the smorgasbord of breakable ornaments and electrical chords in the corner of our family room.  Winning.

-Daniel's brothers (twins) who live in California and Louisiana were both in town these last few days.  Dan and all of his siblings have not all been in the same place at the same time since our wedding  almost three years ago.  It was awesome to hang out with them and get to have brothers around, but my most favoritest part of having them both here was seeing how happy it made my mother-in-law to have all four of her children together for Christmastime.  (Spoiler alert, Nana) we also did some family photos which I will be pleased to share on social media after I have given a few of the printed ones out as Christmas gifts.  Jon left today (sad face, he has to work on Christmas Day) but David is here for another week (yay!).

-I've found another Christmas movie to add to the annual-watch list: 1947's The Bishop's Wife.  It took three attempts to watch it from start to finish (late nights) but it was well worth it.  It's long and a little slow moving at first, but the characters are utterly charming, the acting is classic and the story is good.  Other movies will come to mind with the same themes and similar story lines, but note that this one came before all of these.  Dare I say it's my new favorite black and white film.

-Between online shopping and calculated errands over the last week plus one trip to the mall, our Christmas shopping is almost done.  Now the fun part: wrapping.  I would love to start a gift wrapping business if I had the time.  I. Love. Wrapping. Presents.

-And then there's this Apple commercial.  In my past life working in marketing and advertising I would have loved to do a case study on this ad.  In my currently life as a wife and mommy, I just enjoy it :)

-My friend Steffi hosted a cookie decorating open house on Saturday.  Read: Penny got to have a play date with lots of other little kids, our husbands got to chat and do guy bonding, and I -- happy as a clam -- I got to decorate sugar cookies with perfectly homemade hardening frosting in all different colors and lots and lots of glitter and other embellishments.  Crafting meets dessert: yes please!  I feel like I haven't decorated cookies in years.  It made me want to start a baked goods decorating business.  Then I remembered that I just started a photography business sooooo….

photo: Jane Z
-In my first six weeks as a "professional" photographer (FB page), I have been so blessed to serve exactly thirty clients.  I am humbled and overwhelmed at the amount of interest and support I got in the immediate phase of giving this a go.  My own jaw drops when I reflect back on where I was two months ago, giving my two weeks notice and offering to take Christmas card pictures for a few family and friends with my DSLR.  Never in my dreams did I think I would be here today with a small portfolio built, shooting full frame, booking sessions through February.  Capital B--Blessed.  If you are reading this and you are one of the last three 2013 clients who haven't gotten their photos from me yet, please know that despite my own familial commitments and holiday craziness, I am working on them dutifully and with the utmost attention to get you your images in the time frame promised.

Sidenote and shameless plug: I'm also offering gift certificates! What a wonderful gift to provide someone a photo session that they can use any time next year!  Contact me very soon if you'd like to buy one as a Christmas gift!

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