Thursday, January 3, 2013

Penny Jane: Five Months Old

Penelope in the snow!
Five months old.   13 pounds 7 ounces.  She giggles without being tickled, and laughs the hardest when she's on her back looking up at a silly singing grownup who is gently bouncing the mattress beneath her to the beat.  She blows bubbles and spits on purpose, making the "raspberry" sound.  She finally pushes herself up with her arms during Tummy Time and now rolls from her back to her side in her sleep.  It is looking like she's going to flip over any day now.  At her first Christmas, she loved crumpling and chewing used wrapping paper.  She grabs things with her hands, forcefully and on purpose, and can even use her tiny fingers to remove the pacifier from her mouth and put it right back.  It is delightful when she randomly yells excited exclamations.  The car seat has become less of a cozy sleepy place and more of a confining burden to her, so we change out the hanging toys on a regular basis to keep her entertained while we drive.  She went through about a week of intense biting while nursing, but somehow stopped (thank goodness).  Her hair is growing in, the sprouting peach fuzz grew into tall soft locks that stand straight up, brown like mommy's and daddy's.  Her eye lashes have filled in too. She looks across the room and watches people and especially loves watching us get ready in the morning.  Hates the hair dryer.  Loves chewing on her own feet.  Her face shows intense concentration and contemplation as she examines anything you put in front of her.  Still sleeps in our room and prefers cuddling in the big bed over laying by herself in her porta-crib, but she did take one nap in her nursery crib.  She feels robust when you hold her, solid, no longer fragile.   She can sometimes sit by herself for ten seconds or so before tumbling.  "The Wheels On the Bus" is her jam.

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