Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thankful: About My Husband

Contributing to the Monday craziness, I have volleyball practice at night, which means Daniel is with Penelope while I'm gone for about three hours.

Special "dad and me" time is a wonderful thing, something she will grow to look forward to, and look back on very fondly -- I know I always did and always have.

But for now, Penny's enjoyment of pretty much anything is dependent on her tummy being full.   Usually we try not to have Penny take bottles except when I'm at work (mostly so I don't find myself hooked up to a breasts pump more than I already have to be!) so it is always a race for me to get home before Penny needs to eat on volleyball nights.

Last night when I called Dan after practice ended, knowing I had a half hour drive ahead of me, I could hear the baby crying in the background.

I drove home as quickly and safely as I could. Pulled into the driveway expecting to storm the doors and rip off my sports bra.  Instead I walked into the house to this:

Daniel had not only soothed a fussy, hungry Penelope and put her to sleep, but he was also cooking dinner.

How did I find such an amazing man?!


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