Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Bare

Five Minute Friday

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Here goes...


Dust and crumbs come out to play when all the furniture is gone.  Moving out or moving in, a room doesn't know the difference.  Sometimes money or other treasures surface, yours or someone else's.  Sometimes the most embarrassing things come out when all the rooms are emptied.  Sometimes your future husband learns things about you he might not have otherwise discovered until five years into marriage.

Empty rooms mean transition, and everything that comes with.  Excitement and opportunity, nostalgia and sadness.  Change.  The bareness of an empty space always always always carries significance.

Ever stop and stare at an empty room that you were leaving?  How about standing in the middle of one that you were moving into, before you brought in a single box?   I have. And turns out, I'm a crier either way.

What does it mean, now, when I can foresee no more empty rooms in the near future for me and my family?  Am I too comfortable? Do I assume too much? Or have we been so blessed to land here together... so blessed that we might get to stay a while...
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