Monday, April 1, 2013

Napping Beauty

Sweet little girl... you would never know this, but I have been downstairs to your room three times during this nap to put my hand on your back and feel you breathing. You have been sleeping now for over three-and-a-half hours.  Who is this kid? And, although I can watch you on the video monitor... I just wanted to feel your peaceful breathing for myself.

A three hour nap is unheard of for you.  I suppose you could be making up for yesterday, Easter Sunday, when we hosted 40 people at our home and you refused to nap because you didn't want to miss out.  Or perhaps you are exhausted from all the playing you did this morning, standing up at the coffee table rolling plastic balls around and then climbing all over Luna while Apollo searched the backyard for leftover Easter eggs.  Or perhaps it was the time you spent in the kitchen at lunchtime gnawing carrots, sampling the apple sauce that I made fresh for you, and banging messy spoons on a pot.  Maybe it was the shower we took after you had food all over you; you learned a lot about water and how it flows from one big cup to the other and you worked really hard giving Sophie the Giraffe a bath in those cups.

Whatever it is... you are a darling little napper.  Your face so sweet, your hands so relaxed.  I rarely get the chance to watch you sleep these days since you moved down to your own room at night time, and you typically take such fleetingly short naps during the day it's all I can do to get a shower in on the days I am home.

I do so appreciate the time you've given me to get so many things done... a load of laundry, a meal for myself, all kinds of paperwork, a shower, cleaning up the kitchen... but I'm ready for you to wake up now.   I miss your sweet giggles.

Oh how amazing the difference a good nap makes!
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