Monday, May 6, 2013

Roadtrippin to Our Friends

This past weekend we traveled across the border into California for Penny's first long road trip and first time out of Arizona since she was born. She was last in California when I was 35 weeks pregnant.

Anyway, Friday at about 4:00am I packed the last minute items into the car, took a shower, packed the cooler and then put Penny in her car seat. Dan would then drive 8 hours to Bakersfield where we would attend our friends' beautiful wedding the next day.

Our friends' wedding. Our friends.

What a neat thing to call people.

Not long ago I would've referred to most of the folks in our lives as either my friend or Dan's friend based on which if us knew that person before Dan and I knew each other.

As I was recently telling of how we had survived our first long car ride with baby and traveled to the exotic and mysterious Bakersfield, I found myself saying not "One of Dan's best friends from college was getting married," but instead "our friends were getting married."

Our friends.

Dan has this incredible group of friends from college. This group is like no other group of guys I have ever met or read about. Most of them are scattered throughout California, but really they are all over the country now... and they still manage to be a part of each others' lives in a very significant way.

Their male bond formed long before they had us girls in their lives. Aside from a couple college sweethearts who married in, the girls are new.

When we all manage to get together, us girls sit in the 'wives and girlfriends' section behind the social dugout and make small talk while our men play their game. But as we have attended more and more events, the small-talk has turned to familiar talk as we too bud in friendship.

I'm excited that these other women might refer to me not as "my husbands's friend Dan's wife, Julie" but as my friend Julie.

Marriage is awesome.
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