Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up

It's been unusually hard for me to find time, or make time, to write these past few weeks.  I can't pinpoint a particular reason why, it's just life I suppose.  Ideas swim around in my head of all the things I want to write about... but sometimes I just get tired.  I have to tell myself it's just a blog... It can be whatever I want it to be and I shouldn't compare myself to other bloggers who have more, or make more, time to write than I do.  But I do get jealous sometimes, women who don't work outside the home, or whose babies take longer naps than mine, or whose dogs didn't just eat a book and leave ripped up pages all over the backyard....  I suppose it's just been a hard week.

Dan lost his job.  He and about a hundred others nationwide were working a contract that was scheduled to complete in March of next year, but alas the contract was terminated earlier than planned.  Maybe time will reveal this to be a blessing in disguise.  I am certainly optimistic and I certainly believe in my husband, but, this event came with a normal amount of disappointment.  I am thanking God that we have been following Dave Ramsey's steps to "financial peace" --  how timely that was!  We know we can live on a budget and have saved a little in case of emergency.   I am secretly hoping in the interim, however short it may be, that Dan will commission some paintings.  He's really very good. I am secretly hoping he will read this.  I am secretly hoping that one of you reading this wants him to paint something for you or your kids' rooms.

Penelope teeths. At least I think that's what's been causing her to boycott naps, wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, and burst into hopeless tears right in the middle of nursing.  I have to remind myself that everything is temporary with babies. But I am exhausted.  Did I really used to get up multiple times a night every night for months?  I can't even think of it now...

I had a little escape from the grind this weekend when I had the honor of playing the piano at two very good friends' wedding.  For me, this wedding was an Oasis in the middle of some dry and trying days.  Not only did I get to play music for the ceremony, but I got to play on stage with some stellar musicians, accompanying a soul singer in town from California to do the first dance song, playing with my own band and then another band who I sat in with for two sets because they don't have a keyboard player and were nice enough to let me jam.  The whole night was pure rockin jammin musical fun.  I haven't had that much fun without my husband in a long time. What a rush. 

It's getting hot.  Summer is here.  I will withhold my complaints but wanted to announce that I am in the market for a one-piece swimsuit.  I'm really a mom now.

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