Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Madness: WAHM's... tell me your secrets

Mondays have changed a bit around the Griffin house these last couple weeks.

I look back to when I first went back to work and Penny was sleeping 2-3 hours at a time about three times a day and my biggest "juggling" on Mondays was trying to do my work, make sure I ate a meal or two and maybe trying to get a nap in myself.  Oh and I could wear Penny in a wrap pretty much all day.  Pfwuhh.  That wasn't juggling!  

I still get to work from home on Mondays [it's a real blessing, really], but now on top of Penelope being a seriously curious crawler, Dan is home too during the week now [hopefully will be starting a new job soon, thank you all for your prayers and encouragement] so it has become super tough for me to stay focused, or sometimes just get one little thing done without being interrupted.

Penny wants to play.  Or nurse.  Or climb something.  Or bang something against something else. Or just cuddle her mama.  Laundry calls to me.  Dishes call to me.  Catching up on [personal] emails and finances and Amazon subscribe-and-save subscriptions and other computer things calls to me.  Then on top of it, Dan is home... which in a very huge way enables me to get more work done because he can watch Penny for large chunks of time.  But in a very huge way, it's a distraction.  He's a temptation.  Hanging out with him in the quiet time of Penny's nap calls to me [who wouldn't want to just hang out with their husband during the day?]  Running an errand because he can watch her calls to me.  Going somewhere as a family because we CAN calls to me.  Taking a jillion photos of him interacting with her as they play calls to me [because you don't event realize how much you love your husband until you see him being a daddy to your kid].  Plus Dan and I often must take turns using the computer.  He also has job interviews or job-related phone calls that cause him to need perfect quiet on a second's notice.  You get the idea.  It's a little nuts.

I would love some advice from other Work-at-Home-Moms with young children [especially other women who are accountable to an outside employer]... how do you do it?  What are your tricks?  I am lucky to have a flexible schedule where I do not need to put in a full 8 hours every day of the week... but what if I did?   I can't imagine logging 8 hours of work in a day at home now that Penelope is up and at'em, but I know there are women who do it every day!   I want to hear from you!  Maybe in the comments?

This also makes me think about how our life is changing as Penelope changes.  Our schedule, our plans, what we're capable of [eating dinner as a family] and not-so capable of [watching a movie while she's awake] and how that's going to continue to make us evolve.  So much uncharted territory.

Probably going to have to start getting up earlier.  [groan]
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