Thursday, July 11, 2013


Scheming Penny's first birthday party.  It's not going to be Pinterest-worthy but it's going to be special for our family! What am I saying, I don't even do Pinterest.  I am most excited about the "baby play area" that I am going to put together in one of the rooms for the few little ones we will have in attendance, and about Penny eating her very first birthday cake (which I am going to make... dun dun duhhhhnnnnn....).  Oh and her party dress is oh so cute.  Pictures to come after the end of the month!

Deeming that Gap makes the best kid pajamas.  I recently used a Baby Gap gift card (thanks volleyball team!) to get Penny some much needed new pajamas and can I tell you, I am a believer!   I bought both the long- and short-sleeve versions of the non-footed zipper one-pieces, like these.  I don't think I'll ever go back to buttons and feet!  They are so incredibly soft and they fit so well.  And they have so many adorable prints... because baby pajamas should be cute!  Consider this a five-star review.

Dreaming about taking photos, capturing other people, professionally.  I don't have the training for it, or the equipment, but I sure do love taking pictures.  Heck, I love taking video too.  And editing it.  Maybe that's why I did that in college in a bit.  Electronic media is just so fun.  Maybe some day...

Beaming because of my dogs.  They are just good dogs.  I know we can't take all the credit because Goldendoodles are genetically well-mannered smart dogs... but I think we've done a pretty good job at being doggy parents.  Of course we cannot get complacent about disciplining them... they have their bouts of stubbornness and naughty behavior, but it makes me so proud with other people tell me, "wow, you've got really great dogs."  We get this a lot when we take them out and about or when people come over to our house, and it never gets old.  Oh, and speaking of the pups... Happy belated birthday to sweet Luna who turned 2 a few days ago!

Gearing up for my family's first trip to the beach with child.  I am not a beach person.  I don't dislike the beach, but I don't seek it out... especially now that I have a child who likes to play on the ground and eat everything she touches.  Did someone say sandy poop?  But, Dan's extended family goes to the beach every summer on a big [huge] camping trip and it's a huge tradition and it's really important to him and he's really important to me.  So I'm preparing... mentally for now, and I'll be packing this weekend.

Procrastinating see my last Currently post... yeah still haven't gone through my closet and dresser.

Thankful for my health.  Dan and I had a conversation Monday night, as I was considering eating ice cream after dinner, about how his grandfather ate ice cream every night and died of a heart attack in his early seventies.  I couldn't say the conversation went smoothly and that I felt all warm and fuzzy inside about it... but it did make me think [shhhh, don't tell my husband] and it did make me more conscious about my health and my spouse who wants me to be around for a very long time.

Laughing about this gem: Prancercise: Fitness Workout  No write-up needed.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't inspired.

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